Annie’s Doodles is not accepting any emails, phone messages or applications from March 6th- April 16. (With the exeption of folks who are already on the reserve list with a deposit prior to March 6th.)

The reason for this is quite simple. The word is out about our Doodles and we can not keep up with the all the folks that want one of our pups! We are a family that raises Doodles. We are not a kennel with a bunch of employees. This is most likely one of the reasons you were drawn to our site. Because we want to keep raising high quality family raised Doodles we are now implementing open and closed application times.

Right now we have 13 Australian Labradoodles on the ground and ready to go home March 28th, and they are all spoken for. In regards to our other spring and summer litters we are closed from March 6th- April 16th. We are in the waiting period to see which mama’s deliver and how many pups are born. We have at least 4 reservations on each of the following lists. On April 16th I will know how many openings I have on each litter and will begin reviewing applications and answering emails and phone calls. Please do not contact me before that date. On the 16th I will start processing the applications that show up in my mailbox that day, no earlier. And the emails and messages marked with that date I will begin to answer. Thanks for your patience and have a great Spring!! Annie and the Doodles!

  • F1B medium Goldendoodles ready to go home May 11, 2015
  • F1 medium Goldendoodle ready to go home end of May 27th, 2015
  • F1 standard Goldendoodles ready to go home June 6 and July 25th, 2015
  • Australian Multi Gen Labradoodles medium ready to go home August 1, 2015

Welcome to Annie's Doodles! We are located just north of Seattle, Washington in a little farming community called Ferndale. Every morning we wake up to Mount Baker in our lap! We are blessed to live on 22 acres. We moved from the big city to have a taste of the quiet, but of course with 5 children and several dogs quiet is hard to find at times!

We are not a kennel, but a family dedicated to raising high quality Goldendoodles and Australian Multi-gen Labradoodles. We think Doodles are a perfect family dog. Our dogs receive lots of love and romp all day in our home and out in our field. They are smart, spunky, fun-loving, loyal companions. Goldendoodles exhibit hybrid vigor. Hybrid vigor is a phenomena resulting from crossing two unrelated purebred lines. It creates dogs which are healthier than either parent line. Our dogs produces a wonderful light to non- shedding dog that is compatible with families who have mild allergies.

Annie's Doodles believes that only the highest quality dogs should be bred, therefore only dams and sires that are fully tested according to the Premium Breeder List are used for breeding.

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