I wanted to send you a quick note to say how lucky we all feel to have Salty in our home. She is such a sweet puppy and we are all having so much fun playing with her, watching her grow and having her a part of our family.

Thanks again,


Pictured: Salty is an F1 standard Goldendoodle


Stacy, Tacoma, WA

We are so happy with our Rocket. He has just become part of the family (my 4th son). He is so sweet and loving. We are so happy we brought him home almost 2 years ago. Thank you so much,


PS – Rocket weighs about 55 lbs :)

Pictured: Rocket is an F1 Goldendoodle


Tracy and Stefan, Sammamish, WA

This is Scooter. He is an F1B from Breeze and Alex. He's now 10 months old and weighs 64 lbs. Scooter has blond soft, wavy hair with very minimal shedding. He likes the water but hasn't attempted to swim in it yet. He loves to splash around in the rivers and beaches. Scooter absolutely loves to play with other dogs and likes to meet everyone we pass on our walks. He is such a sweet, sweet boy. He's very gentle with our kids and their friends and loves to play with our cat. And he is a really great listener. Scooter has been a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you, Annie!


Great to hear from you! I've actually been meaning to send you an email about how much we adore our doodle, Chamonix or "Cham" for short. She has brought us so much happiness, joy, and laughter and we can't imagine life without her. She is incredibly smart and very loving and playful. People are always asking where she is from and she's usually the most popular pup at the dog park :) She is the best dog we could dream of and we have been talking about getting another doodle from you next summer!

Happy holidays!

Ava and Jeff

Pictured: Cham is an F1 Goldendoodle from Alex and Sophie


Nahla (Clover's puppy), our Australian Labradoodle, has brought us much happiness and joy to our family. She is 35 pounds which is a great size for us. She has curly, fluffy, soft-apricot-coloured hair. She doesn't shed which is wonderful to us since our son is allergic to shedding breeds. We live in Abbotsford, B.C., so we live by many lakes which Nahla loves. She is a great swimmer and will chase balls in the water and stick her head in the water to retrieve a ball. Her personality is just so sweet. Her favorite things to do are: going for runs, walks, tug of war, stealing our other dogs toys, hide-and-go seek, tag and cuddling. She cuddles with you when you aren't feeling well, tired, or need some cheering up. We have another dog with who she will never part with and loves to play with. Thank you soooo much for our sweet pup.


Nomi, BC, Canada

Thank you Annie for our sweet Goldendoodle Lily. She is an F1 and is incredible. My husband and I take her everywhere and we constantly get compliments on how beautiful she is. Everyday we look at her, we can't get over how cute she is. Lily makes us laugh so much and she is such a part of the family. Whether she is watching TV, fetching her ball in the ocean, swimming, camping, cuddling, or sitting under our feet at a coffee shop, she is just amazing. We recommend Annie's Doodles to anyone who is looking for a beautiful, well-tempered family dog.

God Bless you too Annie and have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

Nomi and Nathan


Margaret, Anchorage, AK

Hi Annie, Good to hear from you - Hope you and your family are well. Mack is doing great! He's a good boy, and so smart! The trainer at puppy class has commented on Mack's wonderful temperament, and recommended extended training so that he could become a therapy dog and visit kids or elderly folks who need a loving touch. That's a ways down the road since we still have to graduate Puppy I, but it sure is nice to hear compliments about my boy. I included a picture of Mack with a "big boy" toy that I snapped last weekend (someday I'll figure out how to change the date on the camera). Oh, and his nose is the coolest I think what they call a Dudley nose? I'll be curious to see if it changes back to black in the summer. Either way, he is one handsome fella! Thanks again for matching me up with Mack He's truly a wonderful dog. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and best wishes for a happy New Year.



Toni and Kurt, Mukilteo, WA

Brodie is full of life and brings a smile to our faces. He is a great companion and loves to cuddle (loves to climb into our laps). Wherever we go, people want to pet Brodie and are surprised by how soft he feels. Brodie also loves hanging and playing with his day care buddies - human and four legged. He sure loves a good game of chase with his four legged friends. Thank you Ann, for our Brodie boy.

Toni and Kurt

Pictured: Brodie is an F1B standard Goldendoodle


Caroline, Snoqualmie, WA

Hi Annie! We are all doing great here in Snoqulamie. Sounder has really fit in with our family well. She is the perfect size - she is super smart and fun and a really sweet girl. She was very easy to train - and she loves the kids so much. She has tons of energy and loves to hang out at the dog park and chase her beloved tennis ball. She also loves to sleep on our bed at night. She was crazy for the snow at Thanksgiving and she chased all the kids on their sleds. She liked to take all the little ones hats off their heads and run away...

Thanks for everything Annie - Sounder is a joy to have around.



Michelle, Portland, OR

Dakota's a great dog - calm, smart and playful and loves people and other dogs. We're excited to have him as a member of our family!

Pictured: Metta's F1B pup at 5 months old


Cate and Wayne, Sammamish, WA

We LOVE our pup that we got in April 2008. She is now a therapy dog through Delta Society and we volunteer together at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue every other week. Last summer we volunteered at Camp Korey, one of the Paul Newman "Hole in the Wall" camps for seriously ill children. She is so lovable and doing a good job at bringing love to those in need. She is such a great dog, we just felt like we needed to share her with others! We've passed on info about you to others when in public and get comments about what a great dog she is. We LOVE her!!!!!


Isaac and Kristen, Sacramento, CA

Pictured: Bella's pup at 9 months.


Becky and Jerry, Issaquah, WA

Pictured: Lily's F1 pup at 4 months.


Ty and Sarah, Bellingham, WA

We absolutely love our dog, Charlie. He was very easy to crate train, loves everyone he meets, and naturally has become part of our family. We can take him (almost) anywhere with us! He loves riding in the car and gets so much attention wherever he goes. Annie has always been there to answer our questions even all these months after getting our pup. It was also great to purchase our puppy locally. We have been very impressed and highly recommend Annie's Doodles if you are looking for a beloved family pet.

Pictured: Bella's F1B pup 9 months old


Stacy, Tacoma, WA

We are so happy with our Rocket. He has just become part of the family (my 4th son). He is so sweet and loving. We are so happy we brought him home almost 2 years ago.

P.S. – Rocket weighs about 55 lbs. :)


Jim and Stacy, Mt. Vernon, WA

This is Lolli (Clover's pup). We just want you to know this dog is incredible! She is beautiful, smart and one of the family. She has a wonderful personality - warm and kind. She feels like silk - even our best stuffed animals don't compare. We could not have asked for a better dog - absolutely priceless. We love, love, love her! Thank you.

Phil and Michelle, Bellingham, WA

Roxy is the best dog ever, we can't say enough good things about our Doodle. She is loving, mellow, smart, athletic and a wonderful family pet. We are so happy we purchased Roxy from Annie, she run's a great operation and she was wonderful to work with.

Testimony about Metta's F1B pup at 2 years old.

Stu and Sue, Seattle, WA

Our puppy is incredibly loving, smart and healthy. She is by far the best dog we have ever owned. Our daughter is a veterinarian and attests to the outstanding character and qualities of our dog. You breed a "Dandy Doodle" Annie.

Testimony about Metta's F1B pup at 2 years old.

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